The Good, the Bad, and the (final) Fall (semester)

Classes, for the second last time

This post is later than intended, as I was busy doing prep for surgery on my shoulder.  Even still, a quick rundown of my coursework for my final fall semester (thank God):

1) Practices and Principles of Preaching – This is a required course, taught by Rev Dr Thomas Troeger and Rev DrNora Tubbs Tisdale, and it is a whirlwind of lectures approaching the theory of homiletics, paired with twice-weekly section meetings wherein the students get to try their hands at the craft of preaching, while critiquing and listening to others preach.  A course I saved for my final year, to be better able to enjoy it, and I am glad I did so.

2) Preaching and the Next Great Awakening – This course is taught by the visiting Rev. James Forbes, and is interested in the possibility that the US is getting closer to another spiritual revival… and wants to focus on what the dominant preaching style(s) during such an event might look like.  Thus far an interesting experience.

3) Lutheran Polity – To complete my series of Lutheranische coursen taught by the Rev Dr William Rusch, I enrolled in Lutheran Polity this semester, which is an interesting notion for a class.  Polity examines proper church structure… which isn’t an especially Lutheran concern.  The tradition only wants Christians to have sound theology (secondary) and be based upon the Gospels (primary) – probably why the Lutheran church has more agreements recognizing other denominations than any other in the US.

Do not get me wrong, I am deeply grateful and thankful for the educational opportunities I have had, but I have found an important distinction in my life: I am fed up with the BS that comes with “education” but positively love “learning” and seek to do this for the rest of my life.  So, it will be a long fall, but I am striving to focus on wellness and prepping for the post-Yale.

Projects, temporarily on hold

This is due to the shoulder surgeries I have to have this semester (see the next blog post).  MAYBE I will try and finish the soldering on the IkeHaus electronics… though this will be months from now, once I can use my right arm again.

Liam and Lilit, new housemates

Liam and Lilit, new housemates

Blazing a trail to an internship

Specifically,  I am hoping to avoid previous internship experiences (namely, doing a bunch of things I don’t particularly care to do, and only intermittently learning new things; and making no money).  As previous posts here have aimed at, I am seeking to be involved with planning out and living a self-sufficient and environmentally positive agrarian homestead of some sort.  Though nothing is in stone yet, I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to try out the lifestyle I am hoping to live, while learning useful leadership skills at the same time.  Stay tuned for updates on this.

The sun sets, on my academic career and my garden alike

The sun sets, on my academic career and my garden alike


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