In nostri anno thronum – the rise and fall of my Frozen Throne; plans for the thaw

The Frozen Throne Rises

The past week has been snowy indeed, and this has been the best birthday gift for me.   I have reveled in the snow, walked in the snow, shivered and shoveled in equal amounts.  But there was one obstacle yet remaining – unburying the cars of my housemates for if/when the city of New Haven would get to our street for plowing.  While it seemed unlikely to receive any assistance any time soon, I simply wanted (and needed, as krav was unreachable for most of last week) the exercise.  And I got exactly what I wanted and more – the snow was SUPER wet and heavy, and it took a good 3 hours of digging to render the cars visible again, much less drivable.  Looking at the work done and seeing it was good, I noticed how high the snow had piled where I was tossing the snow from on/around Amber’s car, and remarked “we need to make this pile into a throne.”  Amber and Ryan agreed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

… the sun (and National Guard) also rises

Unfortunately, my intuition turned out to be right, and through a series of accidents, the street ended up getting plowed later that night (in short, the New Haven plow driver leading the National Guardsman in the huge Caterpillar front end loader got lost and was happy to plow in front of my house to thank me for helping him orient himself).  Between his plow and the sun having slowly melted the snow over the course of the day, the Throne had no chance, sadly.  All told, it stood for a good part of a day, and that is all that matters.

Plans for the horrid spring – health, tech, and car-financing

As someone who thrives on snow, ice, frost, and the like, I must face the ugly spring that approaches, with its warmth, sunlight, and lack of snow.  The removal of the snow did facilitate this weekend’s gaming evening with outside guests (who couldn’t reach us last week) – we played Race for the Galaxy (a rather fast-paced and easy to pick up card game where each player’s galactic civilization is built up over time along military, commercial, cultural, and other avenues to determine victory points at the end), The End of the Triumvirate (the only enjoyable AND balanced three player board game I have ever played, it follows the fights between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus during the breakdown of the First Triumvirate of Rome… and I destroyed my foes handily), and started with the first scenario of Earth Reborn (a super complex post-apocalyptic game which uses miniatures on a changing grid board to play out storyline scenarios, seems like it will be great once we get further into it) – great fun all the way around!  As a yellow belt in krav maga, I continue to attend 5 classes per week (the blizzard week excepted), and look forward to being ready to test for the next belt in a handful of months from now!

In terms of projects, I am hoping to improve the efficiency of both interior and exterior processes at the Winchester House.  Inside, we have spent too much money on electricity – beyond being an unwise use of resources as members of the Earth, this also makes our bill too high, which is detrimental to my Car Dreams.  As such, there is a product called the Kill-a-watt, which is a little plug into device for the outlet, and it runs whichever product(s) you’d like through it, showing you how much electricity they are using, whether on or off.  That last bit is huge, especially with some of the things in our house (the projector comes to mind, though in its case, I have long insisted on turning off its power strip when not in use).  Outside the house, I have been considering the building or purchase of a composter of some sort – not only will it cut down on the volume of garbage our house produces, but will help our neighbor with her spice gardens (a bounty we partake of anyways, so why not help make it great).  This is paired with a plan to start redeeming the $0.05 per bottle in CT, to put towards the house’s utilities costs every month or two, while also reducing the amount of waste we produce from our house for the city to collect.  Speaking of the Car Plan though, I am going to start early to look for tablets which I might use to make an in-dashboard computer for the car: the eventual goal is to have it tabulate mileage and wirelessly sync with my house’s server when I get close enough, and more.  Along those same lines, I still have every intention of getting Ike’s environment controlled by home automation as much as possible – this will hopefully happen in the near future.


Finally, photos of everything from the Frozen Throne to some delightful gaming:


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