The 25th Birthday – the apocalypse now I’ve always wanted!

Snow alone, a Mike does not please. The end of civilization in this New England is a Mike-sized birthday gift!

This weekend, as those of you who live in New England or absorb to any news (be it print, broadcast, or word of mouth), has been a bit snowy.  The weather has apparently been supercharged by the Norse Gods on my behalf, for the God of the Hebrews likes the desert and part-able seas more than THIS level of snow, I should think.

The birthday events included everything from my birthday itself (normal work and krav schedule, plus Olive Garden out and about in the evening). As you’ll see in the photos, from the thoughtfulness of my classmate Sarah, who made me brownies, to the “thoughtfulness” of Ryan and Amber, who got me a disgusting Justin Bieber birthday card, it was a day with bits and pieces of people being lovely to and for me.  Those events have continued, and are technically still in effect, as the blizzard known as Winter Storm Nemo (according to some, at least) came in on Friday and created a real mess.  From screening the Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu Ray, to trekking out into the snow to get groceries from the open Shell gas station (at extremely inflated costs, 2 miles away), to tomorrow’s intended board gaming and Game of Thrones screening, it has been a lovely little weekend, and it seems poised to grow.  More if and as things develop here.


Finally, a photo essay tracking everything from my birthday movie’ing to  part of our journey through the end of civilization to a Shell gas station 2 miles away, which took more than 2 hours for the round trip.  It was all glorious:


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