‘What I have written, I have written’ – finished with half of this Master of Divinity

Pontius Pilate washing his hands, stained glass at the Monastery of the Flagellation in Jerusalem

Pontius Pilate washing his hands, stained glass at the Monastery of the Flagellation in Jerusalem

Washing my hands of plans both realized and denied; and of assignments  finished

Sitting here in the relative calm and quiet of my Command Center at Yale Law School [editorial note: I started writing this weeks ago from work, and thought it set the right tone for the remainder], I am surveying the tattered remains of my sanity and health after a brutal set of weeks spent finishing up my third semester at Yale.  To be entirely certain, the vast majority of the past months have been a boon to my health, well-being, and flourishing; from the inclusion of electronics projects to keep me involved in practical problems and their solutions, to my mostly-perfect record of attendance at krav maga (and the delightful physical benefits thereof), to enjoying my job at the Law School and mostly enjoying my coursework, this fall has been a very good thing.  The past few weeks have been extremely difficult, for a series of reasons, but even having been working on final papers and preparation since the end of October, the past weeks have been super busy (to be fair, this is related to multiple consecutive voluntary 40-hour-weeks at work, working towards the money to get a used car this coming summer).  In the aftermath, I can now write that I did indeed pass all the courses I took, though the final exam in one course and the paper in another were… not the best I have ever done.  It is a marked sign of personal growth over years that I can relate – aside from the echoes of the old perfectionist about “WHAT IF I DON’T GET THE BEST GRADES AHHHH” I was actually pretty alright with how things turned out.

Christmas, NYE, relaxation

The semester over, I was delighted to begin the long AMTRAK ride home, which was quite nice and calm – I slept a great deal.  My time at home this break was focused on two main tasks: spending as much time as possible with my family, and then a long-needed, much-avoided Great Cleaning of my bedroom in my parents house.  To make a long story short, I got in a lot of excellent time with family (and also with friends in town), and though it fell to the end of my break in a flurry of activity, I did indeed clean a GREAT deal out of that bedroom, leaving it looking rather nice.  The two weeks I had at home were not nearly enough time off, but in the spirit of the Repas and Wittmann family traditions, I made the best of what I did have and turned it into something better than should have been possible.  I look forward to the next time I get home, which isn’t nearly often enough.


Finally, a smattering of photographs from Christmas break:


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