Hurricane Sandy: Despoiler of the Eastern Coast, Minor Irritant of New Haven

Preparing for the worst…

The past several days have been filled to the brim with rather dire predictions about the effects of Hurricane Sandy for the East Coast in general, the state of Connecticut, and specifically for the Yale community.  As such, I spent a good deal of time preparing the house and yard, removing things that could have blown away, getting electronics and board games out of the sometimes-leaky basement, and otherwise having survival gear in place if the need arose.  I even finally decided to go purchase a fire extinguisher, one specifically rated for electrical fires, after 14 months of putting it off.  I even put up a simple page on my website that would easily allow interested parties to check if I had power and/or Internet by simply seeing if the webpage would load.  In a serious way, we were ready the coming prophesied apocalypse; even if it wasn’t going to be the end of civilization, at least our prep would be good practice.

… getting lucky.

With such strong pronouncements of doom and gloom, however, it is surprisingly how lightly the storm affected New Haven.  This is not to make light of the storm – it seriously affected millions of people across, well, the entirety of the East Coast BESIDES New Haven – many of the towns in our area are without power, or worse.  New York City is the new Venice, seriously flooded.  We are rather thankful to have been spared any real damage (besides, as per the photos below, the one tree that fell across the street in front of our house), and delighted to have had 2 days off of class and work.  Here’s hoping those who weren’t so lucky up and down this Coast of the US fare well in the coming days.


Being the foolhardy type who was woken up around 6:40 am by the Dept. of Public Works types chainsaw’ing the fallen tree in front of my house, I departed with Amber to survey the wreckage of New Haven, and was pleased to find the vast majority of the town intact.  Even so, photos of the damage we encountered, preparing my house, and the like:

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