Learning to diffuse fights, or failing that, to be the only one who can walk away: Krav Maga continues

A Grueling Pace

Attending five nights per week of krav courses at my level, plus extras has proven to be quite the strenuous pace to get involved; as I write this and look at my calender, it is hard to believe that I am into my second month of it (I feel banged up enough to be a 2 year veteran!).  The average workout begins with a quick-paced warm up involving jogging in pace combined with quick shifts to mountain climbers, jumping jacks and/or jumping stars, interspersed pushups, and partner stretching (focusing especially on the core and legs).  We then proceed into the technique-focused majority of the session – the coach decides what we will focus on, but two general principles hold on weeknights: 1) we will do a complementary pair of major areas of focus (ie groin kicks and palm-strikes; or knees and hammer fists); and 2) those focused drills and anything else will all combine to work out our entire body fairly evenly, which is one of the boons of krav maga.  Saturdays are run by Jeff (who teaches a different class at the studio for the rest of the week) and often incorporate a small amount of kicking or punching, but are really focused on SERIOUSLY  breaking down our muscles in order to build a lot more as they heal.  Goodness gracious, it does what it sets out to do – Jeff’s workouts are Saturday mornings from 10:15 to 11:15, and I am usually sore as all hell until Monday evening at the earliest (and even then still sore, just capable of walking anew).  Still, I am very thankful for this opportunity to work out there 5 times a week, as it has made a serious difference (the first month there, I lost 6 additional pounds from my summer losses, while also gaining a pile of muscle).

In terms of the aforementioned “extras” I have been involved with, there have been a handful of times when I was asked to stay and help train one of the professional fighters who attends the gym, named Darren.  Basically, he is forced to grapple with me using only his arms and abs, and try to get to one side of the room; my goal is to use all of muscles to keep him as close as possible to the middle of the room.  While it is heavily tilted in my favor by the rules, bear in mind he must be at least 340% muscle, if not more.  I am not.  That is always a serious workout for both parties.  I am hoping to have the coach take video of that grappling next time it happens, so I can prove I have fought with a professional fighter and survived!

The other extras I got to do once thus far was stand in on a Level 2 class, specifically to learn how to disarm an opponent who has a handgun while gaining control of the firearm and NOT getting shot.  More in the photos, below.  In the future, I am really excited to be involved in Level 2 classes on a daily basis!!!


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