Attending Trinity Lutheran in New Haven

A Lutheran HQ in NH, CT (etc)

Abbreviations aside, I wanted to quickly post about Trinity Lutheran Church in New Haven, where I have been attending services while going to Yale Divinity School.  My good friend and fellow student Matt is attending Trinity, and in fact was installed as the intern for this academic year there, this very morning (congratulations again, Matt!).  He speaks very highly of the location, and having visited it a few times myself in the past, I find it is a great place: a lovely building (almost like a cathedral, given its very tall dimensions and vaulted ceilings) with a rather skillful choir and good organ; the people there are all quite nice, and my car-borrowing from my housemate Ryan this semester for krav maga emboldened me to ask to borrow the car for Sunday mornings as well (being a good guy, Ryan is cool with it).

To anyone in New Haven interested in checking out Trinity, you’re always welcome to come with me; just drop me a line and let me know you’re interested!


A couple of quick shots of the church from the interior, and one of the outside – more photos are available on their website, which is a link given above.

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