“Not on your life; this little Droid [2 Global] and I have been through a lot together” – forced to get a new phone

[editor’s note: please humor my deep-seated nerd ways and listen to this as the soundtrack while you read this post; after all, the titular quote comes from A New Hope, so the mood-setting music should match. Thanks -Mike]

An expected errand, with unexpected consequences.

Earlier today, my roommate Ryan and I needed to run errands ranging from cricket-procurement for Ike to checking out new models of phones for Ryan.  Personally, I have never been anything but highly impressed with my trusty Droid 2 Global; I was interested in going to see what kind of phone options Ryan had in his immediate future.  (Un)fortunately for my finances and change-free comfort zone, I idly decided to ask a Verizon employee “oh yeah, when DOES my phone come up for upgrade?  I am not interested in anything but the current model, but I am now curious.”

This was the beginning of the end of my trusty little Droid 2’s life of service to me.

Turns out that I had an account credit for holding off on my upgrade AND there was a sale on the Motorola Droid 4 for a limited time in that particular Verizon store.  Being the thrifty type, I couldn’t say no to such a deal; $50 for a brand new phone.

It natively runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes for an INCREDIBLY smooth user experience.  This builds upon the dual core processor and 4G LTE connection, to make for absurdly fast communications and usage.  It is HD video capable, and I took a short video of Ike the bearded dragon that came to 151 MB file size… and the 4G uploaded it in less than 30 seconds (there ARE some benefits from living across the street from a private college with several cell towers located on it, but the 4G gets the majority of the credit for that particular greatness).  The exciting features go on, but it came down to one thing: extremely slick performance with the hands-down no-contest BEST qwerty keyboard one can get on a phone.  To those who scoff at such an idea, I will have them know that the winning draft of my application essay to Yale Divinity School was composed on the keyboard of my Droid 2 Global (also while on the Washington, DC Metro while drunk people were all around me shouting… though I figure that had nothing to do with my positive entrance decision).  After all, correlation is causation, if the Internet, mainstream media, and 105% of all political “discussions” consisting of people talking past each other have taught me anything (their collective wisdom is the basis for my approach to life).

It has been an excellent ride, but until I travel abroad and need a globally-usable phone (like you have always offered me, little Droid 2 Global), I am afraid I must bid you Good night, sweet prince.


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