Cricket housing; desert plants; videos of Ike in action, and more!

Spoiling the damned reptile rotten

As a couple of previous posts have either mentioned directly or alluded to, Amber, Ryan and I are all spoiling Ike to an unfortunate degree.  Icarus sits around all day, as near the ‘sun’ (basking lamp) as he can to bask effectively and enjoy himself.  He gets fed the choicest crickets and vegetables (currently a mix of collard greens and butternut squash; he seems to prefer them only after they have been dried out by the heat of the basking lamp), and we fawn over his every, ridiculously cute move.  I will reiterate here what I have said to a couple of people in person: as a matter of personal policy and ethical outlook, I despise the word “cute” as the most vacuous and pathetic non-descriptive adjective I have yet encountered.  And yet, I initially purchased and find a high level of affection for Ike due in large part to his extraordinarily high output of The Cuteness.  I have no explanation for this.

In any event, the newest additions to his comfortable living include a proper ultraviolet light (it turns out there are multiple kinds of ultraviolet light, shortened UVA and UVB, and reptiles need both to thrive); a Crickethaus to cleverly (the darkened tubes are ideal hiding spots for crickets and are removable, making their relocation into the vivarium a breeze) store his upcoming prey; and the first of (possibly) several live desert plants to add some more life to the ecosystem he so lazily enjoys.

Brace yourself for The Cuteness.


New for this particular blog of mine, some video of Ike in action.

First, an older video (compliments of the hawk-eyed Ryan who works near Ike in the living room a lot) of Ike falling asleep against the glass and losing his balance, with rather entertaining arm flailing.  Best part: he SEEMS to look bitterly into the camera at the last second, as a sort of “what exactly are YOU looking at?”

Second, some HD footage from my new phone of Ike experiencing his first “rainstorm” (bearded dragons usually do not drink from standing water, but instead prefer licking water droplets off of themselves or temporary puddles on the ground), as well as the new live plant (perhaps the first of many) we got for his ecosystem:


Finally, a couple still shots of various things happening around and to Ike:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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