A Labor Day excursion to Atlanta, the birthplace of humid hot weather

A brief escape from, well, everything on my plate!

After a great (but busy) summer and then 5 consecutive days of 14 hours-per-day studying for the GMAT, I was more than ready for a break.  Thankfully, I have some VERY generous friends and acquaintances who were going to Atlanta GA, and were so gracious as to use some of their credit card points to get me a free flight down (friend,  you know who you are, and have my eternal thanks!).

To make a long story short, the long weekend proved to be incredibly hot and humid, but also one of the most relaxing experiences of my life (having thought about it, this was the first true vacation I have ever taken since my undergraduate career started, as I always travel to places with some responsibility or other… but not this past weekend 🙂 ).  From giving blood to help their local community to eating the divine fried chicken their community is known for (with some moonshine to drink), I really got to have fun in Atlanta while I was there.  I was last in ATL when I was 11 or 12, and remember visiting the Coke museum; I didn’t have the chance to get back there, but seeing that I am already planning on going back next year, there is a good chance I will go back to visit.  Possibly even hit the (I am told) spectacular Atlanta Aquarium.


A couple of shots highlighting the best meal I have had in many moons, giving blood, and the hotel itself.

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