Repelling flavor of THAT magnitude: that home-made ice cream is operational!

DIY has become a great deal sweeter.

Having had a great deal of success and enjoyment from my housemate Martik’s fantastic little bread-making machine, that got me to thinking about other products which would taste loads better without any preservatives, and fairly quickly I realized that ice cream fits that bill.  Spoke to some friends about which ice cream maker to get, and the consensus was definitely this model.  In a serious way, what we have got in this thing now IS a Cuisinart.

The matter of which ice cream(s) to make was a rather important concern; also consulting with friends from home, I quickly learned of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which is among some of the best ice cream in these United States (and several disunited states, too).  In Connecticut, I have learned of Jeni’s analogue, called Ashley’s, and enjoyed it several times. That said, I also finally tried Jeni’s while I was at home on vacation, and I am inclined to call it a fair deal tastier.  Even more exciting: Jeni’s sells a recipe book, which I acquired a copy of and have put to use highly effectively thus far.

As a wise man once said: beware Greeks bearing gifts, but get excited when Prussian/Hungarians come bearing one quart containers that are sweating on the sides from the cold temperature of its contents.


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