There and back again: A Mike’s tale [of the first of many outdoorsman experiences in New England]

The first of many outdoorsman-themed posts to come!

While I seem to be on some kind of LOTR-kick for naming recent posts, that isn’t the issue here (Donny); I write with news of the first of a slew of incoming posts regarding outdoorsmanship in New England.

I have always enjoyed camping and being outside, but for many years I subordinated that set of interests to things like being too busy, being addicted to video games, and schoolwork while in DC (not to mention the difficulty in scheduling other interested campers as well as someone who could drive at the same time).  No longer will that kind of thing be allowed to mess up my nature-enjoyment plans; instead, my housemates and I are now planning on visiting each state in New England at least once, in each case doing a weekend outing involving some kind of tourist-ish visit or tour of somewhere famous, camping two nights in tents, and for the majority of the time there hike as much as possible.

The overall plan thusly outlined, I can speak to the specifics of this inaugural hiking day trip.  Martik and I departed for Litchfield CT, which is on the border with New York and therefore about an hour and a half away from New Haven.  We got a little turned around due to spotty reception for GPS and cellular signal in the Appalachians, and ended up getting sent down a certain “Jericho Road South” by Google Maps.  In Martik’s Toyota Camry, we ended up offroading across up to 1 foot tall rocky formations to get across that “road.” This made for an interesting experience, in that “I wonder how many times the underbody of the car can make that screeching noise before we rupture the gas tank” kind of way.  Eventually we arrived at the 2 car “parking lot” at the foot of the trail, and got prepared for a good day of hiking.  Ended up being a whole bunch of foliage over most of the trail, making for a nice shady and therefore cool environment for some serious hiking – one of the hills being particularly steep on the walk back, this was much appreciated.  Brought the camera along and got some pictures of the Housatonic River, the views from the trails hills and valleys, and more.  All told, an extremely tiring but rather enjoyable day.  This was not hurt by going afterwards to Chipotle for my first real meal of the day (3 cups of chocolate milk and 1 cup of granola, sufficient calories does not make).


A smattering of the photographs I took en route today:

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