Surviving the Cancer Star’s assault via The Basement

The Old Foe

There comes a time in each person’s life when they must face the difficult facts.  Specifically, that although the sun warms our planet and makes life possible, it is actually the Oldest Foe we have; even its title of “sun” is merely malignant trickery, as it was originally called the “Cancer Star” by those it oppressed.

When one lives in an old house like mine, where the insulation isn’t done properly and 95% of the windows don’t open (far too old, and mostly painted over multiple times… not that they have any screens in them, anyways), it can be rather hot and unpleasant.  As means of evidence, this past week had daytime temperature highs of 95 and 96 degrees; at 7:30am, it was 86 degrees on the first floor of my house.  As such, it is often not especially pleasant to sit and melt in the heat, and so we escape to the basement.  Thus we have determined a series of tricks to make living in a non-central-AC household in the summer livable, shared here for your enjoyment and improved-cooling purposes:

Tricks for escaping the heat

1) work in an air-conditioned office 40 hours a week, like me
2) if you walk home from work like I do, consider investing in a synthetic towel for your neck; not only does it protect you from sunburn, the material is designed to seriously ramp up the effects of evaporative cooling so that the walk is rather pleasant!
3) if you have a basement [and particularly if it is decked-out for gaming like ours is], bring a fan downstairs to start the air circulating and run a dehumidifier during the day; seeing as air conditioners partially function anyways due to being dehumidifiers, you’ll reduce mustiness and mildew in your basement while essentially making it 10-15 degrees cooler than the air outside.  This summer has been, and will be, the Season of the Basement Socializing for our household.
4) the back of your neck is actually one of the primary places that your body uses to determine the ambient temperature; this means that having an ice pack on your neck for ~10 minutes can seriously trick your body into feeling cooled off for a good set of hours
5) another hack for your body’s physiology in the summer is to eat really spicy food; just as eating ice cream in the winter lowers your body temperature and makes you feel less cold, spicing up your diet will render you feeling less warm in the heat (ever wonder why the hot-as-hell Vietnam has such spicy food?)
6) consider investing in a window AC unit and a cheap timer for your bedroom, so it starts cooling slightly before your arrival; you won’t have to pay to cool the room all day long and yet still have a survivable environment on those killer hot days

There are many more tricks out there, but these are some of the most effective for us.  As per ever, enjoy the photos of random (yet related) things:


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