A hiking expedition to the East Rock

The longest mile[s]

Sometimes, we all have bad ideas that are good somewhere inside of them.  In my case in this instance, I woke up this day thinking “perhaps I would like to hike to East Rock from my front door today.”  As the tallest hill in town, it is certainly a long walk from my front door, at around 6 miles total, and we have to climb up the hill next to our house before even getting to the ‘Rock.  That said, it felt really good to go get some exercise on a windy and not too hot day (particularly after the brutal heat of this past week); Ryan and my new housemate Martik accompanied me, and we decided to turn the hike into a photography outing as well. East Rock has a great picnicking and sightseeing vista on top of it, and many people were out enjoying the lovely weather today; there is also the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument atop the hill, which itself is worth checking out as an interesting amalgam of various historical periods and somewhat odd artistic choices (the four ideas they decided to personify in statue form on the pedestal are one of them).  All told, I am still not convinced they couldn’t have come up with a better name that “East Rock.”  On the other hand, as Ryan and I joke about all the time, it seems that Connecticut is rather awful at naming things anyways; it seems that one can’t turn around without seeing a town named “x Haven,” where x is any adjective whatsoever, including “New,” “East,” “West,” “North,” and many, many more; collect the whole set!

Enjoy the photos of the trip; for those playing the home game of following my various blogs over the years, this is the first time I have broken out my Fujifilm camera I used abroad in the Holy Land in many, many moons. I am rather pleased with how most of these photos came out, and I welcome your comments on them!


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