Preaching at St Pauls down in DC

This is certainly getting posted after the fact, having actually taken place right at the end of January this year.  I had the opportunity to go down and visit friends and professors, and also to go preach at my home church in DC.  I jumped on this chance, enjoying the train ride, and particularly enjoying my time in DC itself.  From spending time with old friends and roommates (the place I stayed all weekend belonged to a good old friend, and another guest there was a mutual old friend), to visiting with professors (and their wives and children in some cases), it was certainly good to go visit DC.  There was even a little bit of snow during my time there, which was refreshing after such a disappointing New England “winter” up until that point.  The evening before I preached featured a screening of “Last Action Hero,” which I had never seen previously and thoroughly enjoyed.  I ended up staying up far too late into the night making last minute changes and additions to the sermon because of an anecdote that I wanted to make central; a story I had experienced earlier that day, while visiting the National Zoo for the first time.   All told, an enjoyable and action-packed weekend in the District.

The text of my sermon is available here, for those who are interested.  I am pleased to report that this variation on my usual theme (generally, that although bad things do happen, it is through these experiences that we are able to grow and in fact become better) seems to have been well-received.


A couple of photos from the weekend, featuring My Old Couch (now in the hands of my good friend Chris), as well as the bulletin from the service where I preached!

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