FINISHED the basement (until this summer’s Ceiling Installation Adventure!)

As the parenthetical aspect of this post’s title admits, there will be a follow-up post in several months, when the landlord and I put in a full ceiling and thus actually have a fully-finished (and gorgeous, I might add) basement.  That said, I am too excited at this moment to NOT post this, and consider it a major milestone in the process of making the space from a health hazard into a mental-health-bolstering (as my landlord excitedly put it) gamer’s heaven.  Yes, you read that correctly: the (not so) secret objective all along has been to have a large space in the house dedicated to relaxing and enjoying one’s self, and to be able to entertain guests.  What kind(s) of game(s), you might ask?  The beauty of a such a large space is that we will have all kinds.  The board games I have posted about before are the root cause of the basement; one quarter of it is dedicated for board and card games (be they a specific game, or poker!).  Towards this end, you’ll see a broken table our landlord got for us turn into a repaired and rejuvenated gaming table in the photo section.  We are also going to put up a dart board on one side of the basement.  There will be a couple of futons (both a place to sit and talk, as well as guest sleeping options), and some chairs.  My mini-fridge will provide cold drinks/snacks without having to venture upstairs.  There are even strong rumors of something very, very big making its way into the other larger open space of the basement.  My roommate Ryan and I have a plan about naming and theming the basement along the lines of its intended purpose as well as based on our home improvement’ing experiences, but that will be for the upcoming ‘Furnishing the Basement’ post to reveal.  All said and done, I am extremely pleased to have had the chance to do this project over the past several months: given that I paid $0 (the landlord payed for all of it, in lieu of getting a rent reduction), I got a whole bunch of extra exercise and the satisfaction of making such large positive changes to the house, and the fact that we’re getting 25% more useable house for the same amount of rent, methinks this investment of time and time (a good portion of which was spent getting to know and befriend Ryan, one of my best friends in New Haven at this point) was very well worth it!

Be forewarned that there are a large number of photographs in this section, but it is due to the final basement push including a LOT of different tasks!  It is fantastic to be at such a late stage in the project that each and every task shows noticeable improvement.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


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