2012, Anno Basement Finishi (almost)

A much-anticipated, VERY noticeable set of changes to the Basement, Chez Mike/Ryan/Shawn

To the folks who have been keeping up with the (mis-)adventures of Mission: ‘Turn this house’s basement into something useable that ISN’T a health risk’, this post will basically showcase a completely unrecognizable room from the start.  To the folks checking this out for the first time, I suggest taking a look at previous entries in the Home Improvement category I do on this blog, to have a comparative look.  Hell, I don’t even believe its the same room myself, and I have done a lot of the work.

Prior to showing you the money, as they say (though I don’t know who “they” are, nor how they distribute their ideas so anonymously), a quick written explanation.  The past two days of work centered around a few major goals.  First, finishing the upgrades/improvements to the heating system downstairs (replace ancient uninsulated metal pipes that hung low and bashed heads with me a lot with well-insulated flexible tubing); second, fixing the ceiling in the stairwell down from the first floor so it is paintable and presentable; third, painting the entire floor in 2 portions, as well as the stone staircase to the cellar doors; fourth, paint most of the new internal wooden door to the stairs out the back; and finally prep as much as possible for the remaining painting (the metal exterior cellar doors, the interior wooden staircase, and the stairwell after the spackle dries).  A whirlwind pair of workdays means that all of those goals were accomplished, and the prep work is done so that the remaining areas needing painting can be done in one fell swoop.  Though the idealized goal was to completely finish this basement before classes begin (on Monday), it looks like the basement-finishing will be done by the end of the week, and hopefully the basement-furnishing (a game table suitable for poker, board and card games with several chairs; another futon and maybe an easy chair for the sitting area) will be done before the month is out.  Ryan and I are excited to be able to show the place off, so stop by if you’re in the area.

I also just scored 3 extra Mike Points for using the word “spackle.”


As insinuated above, but for added emphasis: this post is basically a testament to the awe-inspiring power of a simple coat of new paint.

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