A long overdue update: pre-, concurrent with-, and post-Thanksgiving life

A brief update!

As I originally started to write this post, I was standing in front of my computer with a slew of books open; dozens of hundreds of thousands of Firefox tabs, documents, and PDF files arrayed on my desktop; and stress levels high enough to destroy a zeppelin.

Understandably, then, I had to delay composing and posting this until today, but fear not: there are still some interesting stories and photos to enjoy!

While midterms back in October were one particular brand of stress (not knowing the real expectations at play, first exams at Yale, a large breadth of material being covered), they were actually less concerning than the issue of pre-Thanksgiving paper deadlines.  All told, I had a paper or similar assignment due in each of my four main courses, and in one case (Old Testament Interpretation), it was the only paper for the entire course, so these all had to be very carefully thought-out and composed.  Along these lines, you’ll find in the photo section a white flag with a pine tree, saying “AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN” – usually called the pine tree flag, this is George Washington’s flag for the original American Fleet he personally funded, with the pine tree representing the unity of North and South, and the words a reference to Locke, hoping for divine assistance in achieving justice when all else fails.  I figured it was a message I can stand behind, and I needed something to balance the pair of Israeli and Palestinian flags, so up it went.

Thanksgiving break, then, was the usual, just hyper-charged: it was both a VERY necessary break, and a VERY rude shock to my system upon returning to the grind with a LOT more deadlines and stress. The good news is that I went home early (though I missed the Yale-Harvard football game, it turns out I didn’t miss much), so I got a full week and change off for my break; the bad news is that I apparently forgot how unpleasant Greyhound is 1) for someone of my height and 2) around Thanksgiving.  That said, getting home was great – a bunch of photos from my trip, which involved getting to Syracuse and staying at my sister’s place (her sorority house) until we departed for home in the morning.  Also, some photos of playing a fantastic board game called Silverton, with my friends Jason, Andrew, and Alicia.  Got a photo of my sister Christa and I with our brother Steven in his hockey gear, at the annual Turkey Bowl alumni game they do on Thanksgiving morning.  Finally, some great shots of the Thanksgiving feast and festivities at my house, and a poster showing my native Geauga (‘gee-awww-guh’) county and its neighboring counties in northeastern Ohio.

Enjoy, and a few more backlogged blog posts are soon getting posted; keep your eyes out!


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