Finishing the basement #3: THE WALL-PAINTING IS DONE!

Short and Sweet

As this section header suggests, the written potion of this blog post is going to pull off both a short and sweet flavor in the same scrumptious bite. This is mostly due to my feeling sick (and progressively more so since this past Thursday), and also due to a nasty (but entirely predicted) confluence of deadlines and work-expectations this coming week.  In short, after a series of work days (many more than 3; the titles of these basement-related posts often compress several days of effort together), we have finally finished all of the water-sealing of the walls for the basement in our home.  Next up: after we discuss the specifics with the owners of the house, we are going to also paint the floor of the basement (as well as continue to repair the wholes and divots in it).  All told, a busy month, but a HIGHLY productive one on the Winchester House improvement front.

VITALLY IMPORTANT STATISTIC: it took 16 gallons of Drylok to water-seal the walls of our house’s basement (The More You Know!).

SPOILER ALERT: Ryan and I have pretty much settled on a theme for our basement.  Stay tuned to learn and (eventually) see more!


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