Finishing the Basement, Round 2

The day’s work

After several days of rain here in New Haven, yesterday ended up be a sunny, nice, Saturday.  This had one major side effect: it was now possible to open the cellar doors to the basement in order to let some air in, and also enabled us to move the remainder of the garbage, tools, and furniture out of the basement at my house to one of two locations: for storage in the unused basement of another house Whitney the landlord owns, or to the junk pile in our yard, due to the furniture being ruined by mold and water damage.  We spent a good set of hours slowly but surely moving the majority of the crap to the junk pile, and while it was great to not have rain, it was also very warm down in the basement.  Though we have fans down there, the outlet had been blown last Saturday when Tom attempted to saw in half that metal oil tank, so we had to replace that too (and also added an outlet to the other side of the basement, which is quite useful).  Additionally, we added another light fixture to that back and newly-cleared corner of the basement; in essence, all of the work done was to enable Ryan and I to be able to go down there at any time to water seal the walls in the coming days.  All in all, a very successful (albeit tiring) day!

Photos of the build

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