Moving into Winchester House

At the very beginning of August, I moved my stuff all into my New Haven home with the wonderful help of my parents.  The move was definitely a blazingly quick pace, as we arrived in the morning on Monday and departed Tuesday afternoon to pick my sister up from school on our way home.

To make a long story short, the house is definitely on the edge of a very poor part of New Haven, so the level of upkeep on the houses in the neighborhood is not really there.  That said, the people in the neighborhood have all been very friendly and nice while walking on the sidewalks, so I am hoping there won’t be any problems.  The inside of the house, as you’ll see in the photos, is done very intentionally in the style of block houses from about 100 years ago (which is indeed when the house was constructed).  I do have to say, from the moment I stepped inside, the interior of the house just screams “Yale” at me, because the owner has a new coat of paint on every wall in the house (and they are all done with crown molding too), and the magnificent fireplace and gilded mirror in the living room is the same type of presentation.  The lights are all chandelier-style and hang from plaster mounts that are artistically done, and overall, it is a really solid place overall.  There are definitely some problems with it, like for instance the wooden flooring in my bedroom was done wrong, so it significantly dips in towards the center of the floor.  Like dips in terms of there was a ~5 degree lean to my bookshelves when initially setting them up.  Like you feel shorter when walking from one side of the room through the Great Depression to the other.

So to end this post on a high note/to include some details which didn’t make it into the photos, there are some AMAZING tangible benefits to this house that I had no idea about until after I arrived.  First and foremost: we live across the street from Albertus Magnus College, a small private Catholic college in New Haven.  This in and of itself is a good thing, as they have a private campus security force which patrols around the neighborhood, so we have that added security in our home (and then we also have a New Haven Police Department substation 3 blocks down the road, too).  Secondary to that, though, it turns out that 1) the school has a large and well-run gym and athletic department; but more importantly 2) Yale students have 100% free access to those facilities; meaning 3) I will have to work all of ~125 feet to get to a very new pool and weight room any day of the week.  This is fantastic, because when combined with the fact that my 5 block walk to school is up the steepest side of the hill in the city, I almost can’t help but get into a more healthy condition as part of my schooling here in New Haven.  Otherwise, my two housemates(Ryan and Shannon) are both entirely awesome, and it seems like we’re going to have a really awesome year!  More on that plan as it unfolds (for some reason, ending with that phrase makes me hope you read the preceding in Edward Murrow’s voice).

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